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It was for patients as well as providers up through iOS 10 and this update

I used to be able to sign in as a patient to view my own results. I had a delay of about a week after the provider was notified to allow the provider to give the results to the patient before LabCorp does. I could see every result, and had a history dating back at least three years for my own comparisons. It helped me convince doctor I needed to be referred for serious diagnosis. App recently rewritten for providers only, and no replacement patient access app on App Store. Please find a way to give patients access again.

Terrible with no support for patients!

I used to use Qwest which has easy patient access, so I thought this Lab Corp app would be equivalent. Unfortunately Lab Corp is way behind the times as this app neglects to inform that it is only for doctors. My doctor lets me choose my lab so I thought I would try lab Corp. Now I cant get my results until I see my doctor again. Next time I will choose Qwest because their patient app, which has been around for at least a couple of years, let’s me get my results as soon as they are ready.

Login doesn’t work

Don’t waste your time on this app!

LabCorp needs to...

...get up with the times and offer a patient app. Quest diagnostics has had a patient app for several years.

Need to update

Developers need to update app for iOS 11

Not useful without an update.

I’m a nurse-midwife and used this app frequently, but now I can’t because there is not an update for the new OS. Frustrating!!!!


Please update to work with iOS 11 so I can see the results of my lab tests.

Stop working with iOS

What's going on with LabCorp?

Needs to be updated

I cannot open the app. Developer needs to update to work with IOS 11

Doesn’t work

Needs to be updated to work

No iOS 11. ’Nuff said.

Hasn't been updated for years. Abandonware.

Regarding app

Please update your app to be compatible with the new iOS 11 update to the iPhone. App won’t work till you update the app. Our health care providers are unable to access patients results.

Make an app for clients to use!

Make an app for the people to use so we can see our results the same way!


Don't bother. The App should be just re-named "aggravation"! It doesn't work. To the Doctor who said labs are not always for patient's to view, only medical staff... that's ridiculous!

Amateur IT Dept!

Don't waste your time with might have been a useful app.

Need to add access to patients

Labcorp needs to add an app for patients that is compatible with the iPhone. I don't like I can't access the patient portal if I am not on a computer. If Quest can do it, they can too.

Waisted time

I tried everything and still can't register as a new user. All patient links don't load to register. I tried ipad and droid even downloaded apps. So frustrating and misleading website info. I just started using Labcorp again but I feel unsatisfied.

Less than 1 star

App is not optimized for 64 bit. App does not allow me to log in. Don't waste time. Labcorp doesn't even bother updating

Don't waste your time

Worst app and website! Stop now and don't waste your time. I Wasted 2 hours Saturday time messing with this stupid app and company. I still can't sign in to app and can't authenticate myself online because it asks questions I don't have answers to. Then it try's to force you to email, fax etc private info like a copy of your drivers license. Deleted a bunch of apps and pics to make storage for this worthless app. Unfortunately this stupid lab company is gaining a presence my area and I will likely not have a choice but to use their services at my doctor. Unfortunately I will never get my lab results but I am sure I will be able to pay the bill with no problem!


This is "not for patient use". Really? Why is it here?

Does not work

Cannot login. 1st it can't connect to server, 2nd it crashes, and 3rd it looses the information I just entered.


Can't login using online information. If I could give it zero stars I would.

Great portable app

Works great. Of course it is only for physician office staff who have a Roche account. Layout is great and nice to be able to use away from a desktop.

Useless do not download

For doctors only.

Not For Patient Use

To all the healthcare providers wondering why we silly patients think this is for us, it's because we can access our results on the LabCorp website!

For Doctors Only - Quest Has It Patients & Doctors

This app is only for doctors. Check out Quests Services & App because theirs works with patients and doctors. ⭐️👎🏻👎🏻

Why no patient access?

Apparently as I gather from the reviews this is for physician access only which makes no sense to me. Patients have the right to view their medical information including labs in the U.S.

Not for patients...

App for doctors... Wasted my time.

Useless Indeed

Can't login. No way to retrieve forgotten password, all it tells you is that it's an invalid ID. I'm pretty sure my ID is my addy. I'm deleting this app.


This app doesn't work I was told on the phone that this isn't labcorp's app I'm not sure if the website is up the speed neither My doctor faxed me my test results yesterday but they're not on the website yet Quest was more user friendly but still a big pain you know where There are spreadsheets apps where one can download and view the tests I guess that's better than nothing

App is so useless Apple should remove it!

Apparently LabCorp Beacon developers do not test their applications. This application is useless and does not work.

Awful- Not For Patients! Only Doctors...

Ms. J. (from the 877 number listed on the product) "this product is only for doctors, not patients" Quest Diagnostics has a Great App!

not work

I can't log in with health vault

Wish there was a Patient Version/Mode

Hard for me to fairly review an app that I can't use, so I've given this three stars in good faith and hope a Patient mode is added to this, or a Patient version is released. This would be most welcome!

I like it.

It comes in handy for sure. Don't see why one would thing it would be for patient use.

Useless, don't download

I made several calls to LabCorp about this app; finally spoke with someone who was able to definitively state the application is not available for patients to use. If you are a patient, and are not able to switch to Quest, and would still like to see your future lab work results, then use LabCorp's website. According to previous reviews it seems Quest does support seeing lab work via an iphone app; I would switch to Quest for that reason alone, if I could.

Doesn't work for MDs either

Doesn't work

Doesn't allow login

Let's get with this decade! Doesn't allow logon with my labcorp username and password. Why not call this Labcorp physician access?

Only For Doctors

Downloaded the app because I can never access my results from my IPhone. After trying to login with the info I use on my laptop and failing I called the help desk number. They informed me that the app is only for doctors. Don't waste your time downloading the app unless you are a doctor. They need to explain this in the information.

Terrible app

Does not work properly!

Doesn't work

Login fails every time

Very limited

Mechanically this app works well. However, it only allows access to 2 weeks of data. Quest app works as well, and provides indefinite data. Very helpful during a page or when away from the office. I hope some changes will occur with this app soon.

LabCorp is so far behind!

Results may take up to two weeks to be posted to your website and now i cant even login to this mobile app!? They also "forgot" to run one of the prescribed tests. I'm going to Quest Diagnostics from now on. They get it when it comes to patient experience and how to use technology to connect!

Excellent app for doctors!

Since patients are not always allowed to view their labs, obviously this app is for healthcare personnel, and it works awesome for that! I use it daily in my practice

False and misleading

This is not an app for patients. Didn't know that till log in wouldn't allow me access. C'mon labcorp where is the patient portal app? Quest has a great one. Why you so far behind?

Quest Diagnostics has an app for patients.

Quest Diagnostics has an app for patients.


Yeah it doesn't work for patients. Really lame, I'd keep using quest if I could.


Labcorp doesn't work on iPhones and this app doesn't work either. DUMB!

Needs to be for patients not just doctors

I was excited to see this then when log in wouldn't work I called the provided number to find this is only for doctors. Please make this available via mobile and an app for patients. Thanks.

Doctor NOT Patient app. Don't download

Labcorp is so far behind Quest they deserve a negative star rating. With the Quest app I could pull results and show a doctor and the have those results faxed or emailed to the doctor's office. Labcorp only has a desktop web page for the patient. They do not have a mobile app! Can't see my results and worse can't share them with another doc

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